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17 décembre 2017

Popular Slot Machines Inspired by Top Box Office Movies

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Written by: Neoanderson

It’s no secret that Hollywood’s top-grossing movies have always been an endless source of inspiration to high-profile slot machine developers. Competitive iGaming providers tend to, or better said, have to release numerous new titles on a regular basis – though they may not have as much gaming-related content as some other video games, pumping out that many slots take a LOT of brainpower, imagination and creative energy. Even the best and most productive designers and developers hit a wall once in a while when creating a fresh theme to spark the interest of players seem like mission impossible. That’s when blockbuster movies come into play. There’s no harm in borrowing a few attractive motifs from an acclaimed work of art or even transforming a beloved motion picture into a high-quality gambling piece. Players get to enjoy gambling in the familiar setting of their favorite movies, original creators get paid hefty sums for authorization rights, and proven software companies get to add another huge hit to their gaming portfolios – everyone’s a winner!

IGT James Cameron’s Avatar Slot Machine

When it first hit casino floors in 2013, Avatar slot was a magnificent piece of machinery never before seen in the ever innovative gambling industry. Land-based casino expert IGT truly outdid themselves with this game – the features, visuals, gameplay and technical performance left many seasoned players in awe. No wonder, because it took over two years to develop the machine and get all of its complicated bits stage ready. There are two Avatar slots – a two-seater and a five-seater! Yes, five people can gamble in the virtual world of Pandora at the same time, an as much as that sounds silly, we have yet to hear anyone complain it feels crowded. Animation and cinematics from the film come to life on an enormous 103-inch screen, and a powerful Center Stage engine makes sure the gameplay runs smoothly at all times. Though we have seen amazing progress in the industry throughout recent years, multiplayer slots are still scarce, difficult and expensive to make. But this one brings unlockable features, over 7,000 ways to win, as many as ten characters, three different base games, over eight bonuses and numerous achievements into a perfect unison and a fantastic experience to be shared between friends. If you can’t find it in a nearby casino, try out the online version – while it doesn’t quite match its physical counterpart, it is worth a shot.

Microgaming Jurassic World Online Slot

First, we got a video teaser on the provider’s YouTube page. It was enough to get the entire fan base pumped up for the upcoming Jurassic World slot. Microgaming rarely disappoints, and although some do not particularly appreciate their unique artwork and design choices, the 2017 release leaves no room for criticism. Set on the iconic Isla Nubar, the game reintroduces the adventures of Owen and Claire in the jungle-chasing, adrenalin-pumping way we know and love. Indominus Rex is not the main antagonist. However, the beast plays a more benevolent role in a special bonus feature with a potential win of 1000x the bet. We have 243 ways to reach prizes, with the help of wilds and three different free spin bonuses no less, but the appeal is also in the famous dinosaur theme of the world’s most popular movie franchise.

Playtech Gladiator Slot

The amazing story, the surrealistic beauty of its visuals, the soundtrack, everything about Ridley Scott’s cinematic masterpiece is deeply etched into fan’s hearts. We all mourned for Maximus and cheered for his victories – thanks to Playtech we can relieve Gladiator’s best moments in one of the industry’s most popular video slots. Among the best, if not THE best release from Playtech if their hardcore fans are to be believed, it is a good-looking and straightforward game with two bonus features and a big jackpot prize worth 50,000 coins. The developers decided not to make a complicated mess of its features, opting instead for a free-flowing gameplay with just enough action to make it fun. You’ll find many gamblers thinking fondly of this title despite there being so many others with the same theme inspired by the Roman Empire’s notorious arena battles. Even if you don’t score any wins, the game will give you many hours of quality entertainment without quickly eating away at your bankroll.

NetEnt Scarface Slot

The cult film starring Al Pacino and Michelle Pfeifer debuted in theaters way back in 1983, and of course, it was none other than Net Entertainment to create an amazing slot inspired by the movie’s iconic plot (). If there’s one thing this premium provider does best, that have to be the sharp and flawless graphics in every one of their games. Always the first to introduce groundbreaking features to gambling audiences worldwide, they are so far the only company that seems to think Tony Montana is a fitting character to put on the reels. Their innovative spirit certainly paid off with this release – it was and still is an absolute hit in the online gaming community. Created in cooperation with Universal Studios, Scarface entertains with three bonus rounds, offering different kinds of wild symbols, free spins, and a chance to win some cash by terminating Tony’s greatest enemies, or to hear his whimsical one-liners between spins.

WMS The Wizard of Oz

Enter any land-based casino and you’ll find at least one machine from the large and popular Wizard of Oz slots series. WMS Industries have been around since the 60s, and this lineup of games is indeed among their best works. Responding to a huge success of the first machine in the series, the company has developed numerous follow-up editions and spin-offs of the same theme based on the 1939 fantasy film. You won’t go wrong whichever one you pick –they all feature the same trademark artistic style, incredible sound effects and action-packed bonuses. Ruby Slippers, Wicked Riches, Not in Kansas Anymore, Follow the Yellow Brick Road, Glenda the Good Witch, Over the Rainbow, Wicked Witch of the West, Road to Emerald City and Haunted Forest followed in close succession after the original release, each introducing new characters and gameplay. Unlike the vast majority of industry’s notable slots, The Wizard of Oz collection has loyal fans among all target audiences – all generations and types of players have nice things to say about their adventures with Dorothy and her wonderful company.

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